I am a Masters student in the beginning stages of designing a research project for my thesis. I plan to research the impacts of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) program in Rwanda by conducting ethnographic fieldwork (probably a microethnography) in some of the primary schools there. (See for more info on OLPC).  Reviewing the literature on methodology for anthropology and education has only revealed a mass of criticism about the limits of microethnography, but I have yet to find anything about changes or proposed solutions to those problems. I am looking for something that is a concrete example of successful school ethnography to draw ideas for my own study. Does anyone have any suggestions? Something post 1990 would be preferable.

Many thanks!


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Thanks! Will do. :)

Gabriela Aguero said:
It would be useful for you to join the Media Anthropology network Just send a message to the convenor John Postill who is a professor in media studies at Sheffield U and you can introduce yourself to the experts there to ask for info and so on.It would be an idea to look into media anthropology for ideas. Good luck!



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