Hi everybody,

Is there people working from an ethno/anthropological point of view on urban soundscape, the city sound ambiances?

In my case, I'm working especially on Cairo (Egypt)...



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Hi Vincent,  There is a Special Interest Group in The Society for Ethnomusicology specifically on"Sounds Studies."  Here is the URL: http://webdb.iu.edu/sem/scripts/groups/specialinterestgroups/sp_int...

In addition, you may be interested in contacting Prof. Martin Daughtry, who specializes in the significance of sound in conflict zones. He is currently in Abu Dhabi, but I imagine he is on email regularly.  http://music.as.nyu.edu/page/people

Best wishes, Tomie

No, but I would be interested in this kind of research. Could you tell us more about your project, please?



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