This report is available on our Press pages. By posting it here we are looking for people's views and ideas for the press and also, once again, encouraging people to seek out new material for the publication.

Half yearly report of the OACP

After a period  when members of the network were invited to join an online discussion about the Press, the OACP formed a large Editorial Board recruited from many of them. This experiment in large-scale open decision-making made slow progress. Over the past few months Keith Hart, Justin Shaffner and Huon Wardle have been discussing how to move things forward at the Press. Our results have been modest. Most of what is listed below was already in the pipeline when we formed this reduced editorial committee. But there are some promising new developments. We are also currently applying for ISSN numbers for several publication series.

OACP Working Papers/ Seminar Series:
    Papers have been published by Huon Wardle, John McCreery and Alberto Corsin Jimenez. A Group was formed to discuss these publications. Lately the series has been linked to the OAC Seminars with papers disseminated in advance for open discussion over a two-week period. We have now ironed out the format for this series and invite submissions from within and outside the OAC, preferably the former. We are about to publish a new paper by Philip Swift and will organize a seminar related to it. We have had several further submissions, but, after review, we have not proceeded with them.

OACP Book Reviews Series:
    This has met with excellent initial results under Stacy Hope's direction. A large number of new titles are now available for review and most of the major European publishers of anthropology have either offered texts or are likely to do so. Books will be sent to members who express an interest in reviewing them.

OACP The Art of Anthropology Series:
    This is a new initiative. The Press is looking to bring the world of art, especially poetry, prose and film, into the mainstream of OACP anthropology discussions. Roy Wagner has offered some sonnets and we have commissioned Achirri Ishmael (an OAC regular) to put together an anthology of his anthropological poems.

OACP Interventions Series:
    This series has sprung from Sidney Mintz's offer to publish reworkings of two of his classic papers with us. Progress is slow, but we hope that these publications will put the OACP on the map.

OACP Portuguese Series:
    Vanessa Campanacho, a Portuguese graduate student in physical anthropology, and Moises Lino e Silva, a Brazilian graduate student in social anthropology have agreed to share responsibility for editing a series of working papers, reviews and instructional texts in Portuguese. Our Lusophone membership is large and, with this initiative, we signal the Press's openness to publishing in languages other than English.

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Huon, thank you for this update. I am especially intrigued by the Art of Anthropology and Interventions Series. These are two excellent ideas and, along with the Portuguese initiative, really sum up what we hope to achieve here.

Once I've submitted my PhD, I hope to contribute some form of working paper based on my research, but this will be a few months down the line.



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