Planetary Anthropology Members (17)

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Tung-Yi Kho

Eugene, OR, United States

Lorri Navarro

Greensboro, NC, United States

Liam Starkey

Manchester, United Kingdom

Valentina Mann

Encino, CA, United States

Jyoti Naylor

London, United Kingdom

Marshall Pickel

Williston, FL, United States


London, United Kingdom

Alexander Lee

North Hollywood, CA, United States

Cheshire Cat

Naples, Italy

Rut Rosenthal

Rio, Brazil

David Thorsen-Cavers

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Rachel Raymer

Federal Way, WA, United States

Angelo Pinho dos Santos

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Maria Efthymiou

United Kingdom

Justin Shaffner

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Jeremy Johnson

New York, NY, United States


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