On April 26, 1937 Nazi aeroplanes razed Guernica to the ground. However, one tree survived -the Gernikako Arbola (Euskari: the tree of Guernica). Since the XIV century it symbolised  freedom and history of the Basque region.This footage by PSOE TV shows Patxi López, the current lehendakari (President of the Basque Government), swearing in before the tree which holds a central place in their emotional geography. 

According to the Biscay General Assembly website, these are the words of José Antonio Agirre, the first Basque president from 1936, which are now repeated for every ceremony: 
Humbled before God
on foot on Basque soil 
in memory of our ancestors
under the tree of Gernika
before you
representatives of the people
I swear to faithfully carry out my duties.

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