So, I'm currently looking into the ways of making my research of Bosnian 'landscaped histories' more relevant to my interlocutors and generally less elitist. One of my ideas was to deposit my abundant iphonography from the field into a website. Any suggestions about the format? What would you do? 

Should I tell stories through images or images through stories? :) Any good examples of similar projects?

Also, can all of you post discussions, and if you can why don't you? Bring some life into this group people!

P.S. The image is one of many I took at Ajvatovica, a pilgrimage site in central Bosnia where tens of thousands of Muslims gather every July to journey through a miraculous passage. The legendary old man Ajvaz dedo fell asleep on top of the rock after praying to God for 40 days and 40 nights to bring water to his town. On the final night he dreamt of two rams colliding and woke up to see that the rock had split beneath him to make way for a stream of water. The pilgrimage was illegally continued throughout the Communist period and some of the contemporary political projects encroach upon the site.  The 'model' is one many horseback male 'envoys' sent from different towns. Women, who make up the majority of visitors, are left to walk the steep and very long mountain paths. 

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