Buddha was the first historical person, who theorized Suffering as the Dharma problem! The essence of his entire teachings is Suffering and Ceases of Suffering! Buddha postulated suffering as the Four Noble Truths

1. Suffering: Is suffering a problematic? What is suffering?
2. Origin of Suffering: what are the reasons behind suffering?
3. Cessation of Suffering: Is it possible to end the series of suffering? How is possible to get rid of suffering?
4. Pathology of Suffering: What are the remedies of Suffering?

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Poverty, hunger, violence, divorce, slavery, drug abuse, arms trafficking, human trafficking, prostitutions, seducing innocents etceteras are the major suffering, which are increasing day by day! Does Buddha’s pathology help to eradicate or reduce the high rate of suffering? He says be moral and inspire others to be moral, be thoughtful and make others thoughtful about suffering, and be wise and empower others knowledge (since knowledge is power). This is my simple language to understand Buddha’s teachings! Buddha’s language is much more deeper!

Now, question is how the law of state can reduce the sufferings? How our anthropological knowledge can play a vital role to control the sufferings? Any idea?? Thanks!

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