Apologies for sending out a message to some of you - I only intended to post to this forum!!

C-SAP have funded a project that investigates how we negotiate and manage the impact of economic demands on pedagogical strategies.

Through understanding the ways that teaching anthropology is affected by financial constraint we can consider how best to respond to the educational market and how we can improve departmental and teaching performance in this environment.

I have set up a website to facilitate this investigation where further details can be found.


Anthropology staff from Cape Town, Exeter, Newcastle, Manchester, Oxford, SOAS, Sussex and UCL have already expressed an interest in participating

Its a ning.com site so you'll find it easy to use but its separate from the Open Anthropology Co-operative (i) to maintain neutrality (there might be someone who has issues with OAC??) and (ii) because it is a space for universities to present how they see the issues and, following a conference, in May 2010 it will be shut down.

Further details (as well as how to contact me) are available on the website http://teachinganthropology.ning.com/

I hope that you find it interesting and useful.


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