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“Certainly comparison can be used in description. In fact, we use it that way all the time in everyday life. In the sexual marketplace: A has better legs; B has a better butt; C is sweet tempered; D is passionate. About our students: A works hard; B is articulate; C is imaginative; D is argumentative. About our colleagues: A is cooperative; B is combatative; C is creative; D is manipulative. And so on. We do it with newpapers, movies, coffee houses, stores, and so on, ad infinitum. Nothing surprising about using comparison in description and evaluation.”

In the rest of the text there is no aggression at all, actually but unlucky with the choice
“There is no attempt here at causal analysis. But neither would I regard what I have written as ethnographic rape. It might be considered pretentious, an experiment in using the same scale as Max Weber. But no disrespect is intended, nor, I hope, conveyed.”

Likes to react to the "hegemonic" with hegemonic tools
“Does there always have to be this pelvic thrust of hegemony in one's face?”

This is the user of “pelvic thrust” but found "ethnographic rape" funnier
“There must be something to this sexualization of the research process. I don't want to provoke more, but just know that I am laughing as I read about "ethnographic rape." Incidentally, xxxxxxxx had something about "Other fucking" in one of his articles, I can't remember which one now.”

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