Let Us Do Something About the Future Now! Not After It Happens.

The unpredictable nature of any of the next coming crises and their, justifiably presumed increasing severity should, and is making any true sapient very worried. One of the many reasons for worry is that no adequate measures are being undertaken to prevent the coming crises from materializing, since it is obvious that any post-crisis remedies will not be enough to improve on the situation--as they have not been in most cases so far, since any such remedies have never been but cosmetic palliatives.

Time to prevent the coming crises from happening is now. This opportunity is growing smaller and smaller with time. The longer we are doing nothing truly effective and appropriate, the more difficult it will be to do so as the time progresses.

To any thinking person it is obvious that the only lasting and profound solution to our situation is for the whole humanity to become truly transparently sustainable in order for humanity to survive in any recognizable shape.

It is a mistake to think that we could ever achieve being truly sustainable by using methods that cause our problems in the first place, by using "green technologies", or any such for-profit minded enterprises, since the problem lies in the very basic dilemma: The notion of profit is diametrically different in the present way of life from what it is in a truly sustainable culture. In the present day, "normal", way of life, "profit" means to gain advantage over others, disregarding consequences of gaining such an advantage--the source of most of our problems--whereas "profit" in a sustainable way of life means the benefit of the whole.

What should the transition between money making and a true care about the Earth look like? This is impossible to imagine since those two are qualitatively (and not quantitatively) different from each other--there is no gradual transition possible to occur. The transition that should occur is to start seeing the advantages of truly sustainable living when compared to the insane way of life we are so familiar with. For that to start happening we have to have a model/vision of what a sustainable world would actually look like in order to have sufficient basis for a comparison, because there is no commonly held idea of what "living sustainably" should actually mean--we are aware that our current way of life (that we are familiar with) is not satisfactory, but the opinions on how we should live are too many to be of any practical use; if we should follow all of those we would never get anywhere, because most of those opinions might be incompatible with each other, and, perhaps, with the principles of sustainability also.

The future is of Earth is already happening now, albeit only in places of the world where it still doesn't affect us (or so we elect to think); We still continue to think that we can fix terrorism, all the results of overpopulation, etc. by various means that, so far, have been quite profitable (at least to some of us)--military interventions, huge humanitarian operations (providing a temporary relief to some surviving victims, and huge profits to, again, some of us). The future is already starting manifesting even in the "developed" countries, but still only where it doesn't really hurt those who are in control--among the poor, homeless, ... . The future is coming nearer and nearer to us, but, so far, all that we are doing is to keep on fiddling (or was it a lyre?). still trying to make profit, even on our own funeral.

Thank you -
Mr. Jan Hearthstone - ModelEarth.Org .

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