At this year's Sunbelt conference, several participants asked me if I had read a paper on network effects on success or failure by the teams that put together Broadway musicals. One of the co-authors is Brian Uzzi, a Professor of Organizational Behavior, at the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University. Going to his site in search of the paper, I stumbled on a motherlode of interesting research that develops ideas that Uzzi began to formulate following ethnographic research in the New York apparel industry. Fascinating stuff, with all sorts of relevance to applied anthropology and the human economy.

I'm attaching a PDF of the Broadway musicals paper to give you a taste of Uzzi's research. Anyone care to join me in discussing it?

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Very cool. Thanks for the link.  Here's another set of articles that are a bit more theoretical in nature.

Borgotti, and the folks at the U of Kentucky LINKS Center tend to be more into the theoretical aspects of SNA and training, so I really love the applied nature of the articles out of North Western.




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