Hi, I am PhD student from Nepal, and preparing for a pre-fieldwork seminar. I would like to hear from you all if you could suggest me any good theoritical model for Ecology of Poverty. Thanks!!!

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Could you explain a little more what you are interested in? If you could "unpack" the meaning of "ecology of poverty," it might be clearer to reader what theories might be relevant.
Thanks for your response, and sorry for unzipped phrase Ecology of Poverty. As the phrase reflects the poverty is connected to ecology. I mean to say that the most of poor people live in ecological niche, but their poverty is not rooted into sole environmental degradation, but all the socio-political, cultural environments of poverty which have created one kind of ecosystem of poverty. Now, rural people are not just worried about ecological erosion but the erosion of their livelihood. Thus, while we are talking about their sustainable livelihood system, we must see the beyond the sustainable management of natural resources. I hope Sir, I am able to draw sketch of my simple thought! Thanks!



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