Teaching Anthropology Members (201)

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Bill Guinee

Fulton, MO, United States

Alice C. Linsley

Versailles, KY, United States

Martha Radice

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Alex Posecznick

Jenkintown, PA, United States

Philip Carl SALZMAN

Work: Montreal, Quebec; Home:…

Alexandre Enkerli

Laval, Qc, Canada

Denice Szafran

Rochester, NY, United States

lisa l galarneau, ph.d.

Issaquah, WA, United States

Aimee Middlemiss

Cornwall, United Kingdom

susanne kuehling

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Michael Findlay

New South Wales, Australia

John McCreery

Yokohama, Japan, Japan

Jenny Lawy

Manchester, United Kingdom

Georgios Agelopoulos

Thessaloniki, Greece

Jonathan Newman

United Kingdom

Ariel Appel

Jerusalem, Israel


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