I was shuddered by photo on which Chinese old man is depicted. He must be on foot for very long time on his way, quite alone. His peer is only time. His permanent friends are crutches helping him to move on his way for a long time.
The old man got tired . . . the crutches tips got worn almost completely . . . Once the elder had the strong hands and now he is trembling from cold. The cap is as old as the crutches which he uses while raining or a hot sun. … The elder wears the modern shoes which resemble those sandals which had reached many years ago this stone.
The old man read the wisdom with his tired eyes, which is inscribed on the stone and with weeping face he started looking towards the road which he had passed to reach this very stone.
We are going by different ways, which may pass by the end stone so close that we just may see somebody appearing near this stone and even we fix it by camera shooting, though our road turns in another way and very much is left till we reach the finish. This is the point what happened in case of Rachel: she caught in her photo just this finish, which all of us will reach early or later.
When you reach the finish like this old man I wish you, everybody to follow you’ re passed way with happy and pleased eyes and if you have passed it with not so much happiness and you are sad, do smile again, while Rachel may take your photo at this moment . . . .

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