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Use of Documentaries in the Teaching of Anthropology

I am conducting an online survey about college-level anthropology instructors’ use of primate documentaries in the teaching of anthropology. This is part of my dissertation research, which examines how non-human primates are portrayed in documentaries. The purpose of the survey is to examine the use of nature documentaries,…


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New Deadline for Abstract Submission, 30th May

Crossing Borders Conference in Lesbos 7-10th of July

Visit our fb page for updates

and visit our website forinstruction on how to submit a paper

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Environmentalism and Secularism in the context of an urban protest in Istanbulİlk_ve_en_önemli_çevreci_Environmentalism_and_Secularism_in_contemporary_Istanbul_._Proceedings_from_the_International_Conference_Myths_of_the_Others_in_the_Balkans_representation_social_practices_and_performances_

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Environmental protests in Turkey before Geziöy_anti-bridge_campaign_in_Istanbul

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"The Syrian regime with military help from Russia regime" are back in control of beautiful Palmyra. This success of one "of the vilest regimes on Earth" is not result of any particular British, French, Italian,American or Western policy... How could it be ? Was…


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Open Access on Steroids!

Talk about open access.  Just came across this reference to Sci-Hub on the OAC Facebook page.  For those who haven't noticed it: ;

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Merry Christmas! . . . oops, I mean . . .

Inspired by Freeman Dyson's "Heretical Thoughts on Science and Society":  

A Christmas Story


The Scene: 

    It’s Christmas 2025.  The Donald, having forced through a constitutional amendment, is into his third term.  True to his early campaign promise, he’s driven Starbucks into bankruptcy and got…


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Language: From I-Dentity to My-Dentity

Language: From I-Dentity to My-Dentity

May be downloaded from:

2013. “Language: From I- Dentity to My-Dentity”. Alternative Voices:…

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মুদ্রার অর্থ-নেতি (Negation of Money: After Reading Marx)

Full text is available at:

This paper concentrates on the discourse of Chapters 3, 4, 5, 6 of Marx’s Capital, Vol. I to understand the metaphysical nature of money-sign, though frequent references are made to Grundrisse, Mathematical Manuscripts and other chapters of the book, Capital. Author (a) found the epistemic impact of the then scientific discourse in the Capital; (b) added a new variable N or ecological…


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Anthropology and Becoming War. NATO Turkey downs Russian warplane

In practice the war-peace process can be incredibly fragile : the slightest unreasonable disturbance will disrupt the delicate agreement and destroy any possibility of peaceful political computation.We are living in the period of becoming war and as anthropologists we must help to develop some error-correcting code of peace.There is rapid growth of computational complexity. Already now...

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Research Guidelines for Development Practitioners

Oxfam's online research guidelines, first launched three years ago, have proved to be very popular. And three more guidelines have recently been added to the set: Conducting focus groups,  …


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Anthropology of Recycling; Seminar LA DEUXIÈME VIE DES OBJETS : SÉMINAIRE NOMADE


Séminaire animé par Nathalie Ortar (Chargée de recherche MEDDE, LET/ENTPE) et Elisabeth Anstett (Chargée de recherche CNRS, IRIS)

Pour la cinquième année de son fonctionnement et dans le prolongement de la publication du premier opus de l’atelier « La deuxième vie des…


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I just published my thesis at Northern Illinois University in the cultural anthropology program. My research is part of an emerging trend of thesis writers that have opted to publish in ProQuest’s PQDT Open Publishing format. Open access publishing is a new service that provides the full text of dissertations and theses free of charge and without having to “sign-up” or register.

My thesis tells the story of how Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) also…


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Worldmaking images of disaster: the ‘art’ of speaking of/for the disenfranchised

Recently, the massive human migrations from war-ridden and natural disaster-plagued regions of the world has flooded my Facebook account. I know I am not the only one participating in this digital philanthropic revolution unwillingly, as a passive site-seer: a subject apprehending the social world as a detached landscape, a collection of sites. By using the concept of ‘site’ I wish to stress the domination of the sensible by seamless geometry, hence a violence of detachment as…


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