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Ritual and Resistance

Newroz:  A resistance ritual

            Ritual is  the one of the basic practices of humankind. That’s why it is possible to witness rituals in every society both in our era and ancient times. While rituals can be seen in many periods and places, ritual as field of study is recent phenomenon. Analysis of a ritual with its symbolic pattern is central for most of ritual studies. For this reason, in many ritual…


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Loyalty is a Two-Way Street

With a tip of the hat to Kevin Lyda, I direct your attention to an analysis of why whistle blowing has become an easier option for contract employees without job security, Bruce Schneier's Government Secrecy and the Generation Gap. 

The central question: If organizations outsource operations and treat their employees as expendable tools, how can they possibly expect them to  keep their secrets?

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Can we Cynefin?

What is not to like about a new approach to organizational strategy developed at MIT, that cites ancient myth and Mary Douglas, emphasises the primacy of human sense-making in organizational behavior, and is named Cynefin

a Welsh word whose literal translation into English as habitat or place fails to do it justice. It is more properly understood as the place of our multiple affiliations, the sense that we all, individually and collectively, have many…


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The anthropology of money and finance: from ethnography to world history

Come read and discuss an essay by Horacio Ortiz and myself posted online in separate parts, either here or on my website.

We review developments in the anthropology of money and finance over the last century, listing its achievements, shortcomings and prospects. Since the 1960s, anthropologists have tended to restrict themselves to niche fields and marginal debates.…


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Anthropology for Kids.

 Some friends and I are working on a series of books titled Anthropology for Kids. Each book will contain different ways of relating to a major human question – what Dostoevsky called “cursed questions” – such as death, family, love, state, money, war and so on.

The books will contain and expatiate on, in very short texts, topics on each of the issues. Each topic will also be illustrated with…


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Does the Binary Feature Signal Greater Complexity?

Alice C. Linsley

Biblical Anthropology delves into the oldest layers of the biblical material looking for information that is anthropologically significant in reconstructing cultural antecedents. This approach has proved extremely useful in gaining a clearer picture of Abraham's Nilo-Saharan ancestors. A fascinating aspect of their worldview is its binary feature, which I discuss …


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The idea of a rural informal economy

In two previous posts I have reported on my evolving study of the idea of an informal economy. This third post ruminates about the extension of the idea to rural life. Keith Hart's original work in Ghana (in the years up to 1973) had an almost exclusively urban focus, though he did not explicitly exclude the possibility of informality in the rural 'sector'. Indeed a UNDP Mission to Papua New Guinea in 1972-73 (of which Keith was a member) produced a report (the 'Faber Report') which appeared…


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Multidisciplinary Research with Real-World Applications

I have just downloaded a free ebook published by Australian National University that addresses the topic identified in the subject of this post: Multidisciplinary research with real-world applications. I have not yet read it and do not promote it, my intention here is simply to note its existence, since some who read what appears on OAC may find it interesting. 

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Could it be time to rethink the social sciences altogether?

Nicholas Christakis, Professor of Network Science at Yale, asks why the social sciences remain divided by the same disciplinary boundaries while the natural sciences have abandoned some departments and replaced them with others, typically representing research made possible by new technologies. He suggests that it may be time to rethink the structure and applications of the social sciences overall.…


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Love, Life and Lust - Relationships among beggars in East London

Dear all,

following up from my earlier blog post, I am getting deeper into both, theory and fieldwork, and am coming up with some observations I would like to share with you. Potentially some of you have some ideas about how to embed the findings into anthropological literature (on friendship, love and sex in other contexts) for which I would be eternally grateful.

The more I speak to the group of beggars on the street the more I cultivate the following feeling:…


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Mapping Stereotypes

Bulgarian designer Yanko Tsvetkov has been traveling around Europe and creating maps in which the names of countries are replaced with stereotypes other Europeans have about them. I want to ask my European friends here, how accurate do you think these depictions of stereotypes are, as descriptions of the stereotypers, as descriptions of the stereotyped? 

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The Fuselage

It went like a firecracker, 

a real sharp blast,

and before I knew, 

I was up from sleep …


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Strange Bedfellows

The Frankfort School at War is a thought provoking piece for anyone interested in the relation of social and cultural research to war and national security issues. Who among us would have imagined that such icons of the New Left as Herbert Marcuse and other…


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The human economy: a strategy in the struggle for happiness

An earlier essay, ‘Manifesto for a human economy‘, deals explicitly with the object, theory and methods of a human economy approach. Here I examine some of the precedents for such an approach in the history of modern revolutions, drawing on Kant, Jefferson, Tocqueville, James and Gandhi.

‘Human economy’ is one way of taking forward the great conversation about making a better world.…


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Mobility, trans-localism, and Taco Bell

I've been reading 'The Sociolinguistics of Globalization' by Jan Blommaert lately, and while I don't always see eye to eye with Blommaert that book is amazing. Anywho, in that book, Blommaert goes into this whole web of 'trans-local, local' blah, blah and while I was on my way to ye local taco bell I couldn't help but stop and think, "Hey, Taco Bell is sort of trans-local." Which led me to some interesting thoughts regarding mobility and Taco Bells trans-localism. It is the very fact that I…


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Urban gardens and the fights for the city (Spanish)

Las luchas por la ciudad pueden adoptar muchas y diversas formas. Desde la okupación de viviendas deshabitadas a la apropiación de los mal llamados “espacios públicos” por parte de ciertos grupos y colectivos de población local. Uno de sus exponentes son los “huertos urbanos” que proliferan, con distintos orígenes e intenciones, en nuestros entornos más cercanos.

La base fundamental de la apropiación y okupación de este tipo de espacios por parte de las vecinos/as es la…


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Lance Armstrong: The Reality Show (A Cultural Analysis)


                                        Lance Armstrong:  The Reality Show  (A Cultural Analysis)


Lee Drummond

Center for Peripheral Studies


April - May 2013



            Seven successive Tour de France victories,…


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An African liberal revolution in the 21st century?

I have just posted an essay exploring the prospects for African emancipation (as part of a world revolution) in the decades ahead. It's full title is Waiting for emancipation: towards an African liberal revolution. You can find it here. The essay summarises Africans' history of relations with the rest of the world and their current situation as the…

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Seeking contriutions for anthropologies issue about anthropology & war!!

Hey everyone, just a quick post here to let everyone know that we are still looking for contributions to the next issue of anthropologies.  This issue focuses on the relationship(s) between anthropology and war:

Let me know if you're interested in taking part.  Word range is generally between 500-1500, and the deadline is July 20.  We will…


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