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“Identity Confusion.”

Identity Confusion

May be downloaded from ;

2001. “Identity Confusion.” Frontier. Vol.34.No.17 (pp. 6-8). November 18-24, 2001. Kolkata.

Printed version of the lecture:…


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Understanding Semantics of Language Development

Understanding Semantics of Language Development

2001. PERSPECTIVES IN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN INDIA - PART I, p. 129, B. Ray, ed., Mohit Publication, 2001 

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Language: From I-Dentity to My-Dentity

Language: From I-Dentity to My-Dentity

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2013. “Language: From I- Dentity to My-Dentity”. Alternative Voices:…

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Folklore: Searching for Logistics

Folklore: Searching for Logistics

CULTURATION, pp. 26-34, U.N. Singh, ed., CIIL, 2001 
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Lesbian Discourse

'Lesbian Discourses' - Book Review 

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  " 2008. Review of the  Lesbian Discourses  Images of…


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“The Myth of Regionalism”

The Myth of Regionalism

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1997.“The Myth of Regionalism” Chakraborty, Dasgupta, Subha ed. Regionality and Comparative Literature. (pp. 77-83). DSA, Department of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University, Kolkata. …


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Abstract: State Transformation in the High North (PhD thesis)

ABSTRACT: State Transformation in the High North – Cases of environmental justice struggles

PhD thesis by Helge Hiram Jensen, European University Institute,

Submitted 30. May 2014 (not yet defended)

This is a study in the art and science of fundamental systems transformation. It is hypothesis-generative, based on qualitative research. The cases are selected from an ongoing process of state transformation at the Arctic fringe of Europe. The study is a contribution to… Continue

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How livelihoods were saved in Pakistan's 2010 floods

In 2010 Pakistan suffered the worst floods in the country's history. Floodwaters inundated up to one-fifth of the country and affected 20 million people, destroying 1.6 million homes and leaving over 14 million people acutely vulnerable. Along with other international agencies, Oxfam responded as best as it could to…


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The Third International Conference on Applications of Anthropology in Business

     It was my third time to participate in the annual International Conference on Applications of Anthropology in Business, organized by Robert Tian Guang and held at a venue in China, and my second time to visit Jishou University, which is located in the Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Hunan Province in the west of China. The first two…


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Anthropology of Young People

Being a socio-cultural anthropologist, I conducted my post-graduate research and field work in a rural area where young people and their leisure activities was my core interest. The study revealed numerous aspect which possibly are ignored in the usual way but it was surprising to learn how minor happenings even influenced the life of youth,

I would be more than glad to share my experience ...  

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On incidental Truth, consistency and belonging

The reversal of Doxa ("opinions/metaphysics") and Episteme ("truth/knowledge") happened around the time of the early 20th century. The theory of relativity seems to be the discovery that sparked it, but really this theoretical discover is merely the "best example" of the reversal in knowledge types that I am pointing out.

Once Newtonian physics lost its bearing as being Truth -- which coincided with the scientific method being formulated as a method for truth -- incidentally, we also…


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Tools of the Ethnographer

I admit that there is no perfect process for doing ethnographic fieldwork. And, trying to find a computer program or application that is robust enough to handle all the varied tasks necessary in fieldwork, I don’t really think exists (although there are many out there that claim to be the definitive research tool for qualitative or quantitative research). In the years that I have been doing fieldwork, I have figured out a method that sort of works for me…


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The death of community and the rise of individualised tourist mobilities

Read more on Interdisciplinary Journeys

I am intrigued by the well-developed Wikipedia entry (25 April 2014) on ‘individualism’. Its exploration of the concept’s journey in philosophical, psychosocial and political terms…


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being and identity and reality

I think much of politics stems from identity construction. Most discussions about identity are approached from the question of the Other -- include them or teach them or change them. But really, any position of otherness must be mediated by what the Self is. The self mediating the self is the "invisible" point of reference that creates this initial distortion.

Post race isn't exactly the same as post identity. Even if it's a class distinction or, say, identifying as a "punk" which…


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Review of Philosophical Papers, Volume 1: The Methodology of Scientific Research Programmes

After the enlightenment, people started to seriously make a distinction that how they distinguished what they really knew from what was really going on around them. The actual knowledge, epistemes, were favored over "opinions" or doxa. The debate that surrounded that distinction amid the turmoil of increasing technology and religious unrest eventually flipped around: doxa became the norm with epistemes being questioned as being attainable. With this flip, after the revolution of…


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“Twitter, Schmitter!" & a Few Fun Tweets

Found Poetry


Twitter, schmitter!

We now have

a court order!

We will wipe out

all of these!

The international

community can say this,

can say that.

I don't care at all!

Everyone will see

how powerful

the Turkish State is!

Erdogan, Turkish PM

*Despite Erdogan’s ban on twittering, a report from Twitturk, which records the statistics of Turkish Twitter users, indicates… Continue

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No funding? Don't Go!! (on getting a PhD in anthropology)

Well, it’s that time of year when prospective grad students around the country are anxiously pacing around their mailboxes waiting for responses from all the PhD programs they applied to.  Many are wondering who accepted them, who rejected them, and, of course, if they got funding.  That’s the big question.  Getting a full-funding offer is the highest mark of acceptance and application success.  It’s like getting the golden seal of academic and departmental approval.  It means you’re…


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