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"The Syrian regime with military help from Russia regime" are back in control of beautiful Palmyra. This success of one "of the vilest regimes on Earth" is not result of any particular British, French, Italian,American or Western policy... How could it be ? Was…


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Tristes Tropiques: Revisited

When I first encountered Lévi-Strauss in graduate school, I thought the title of his monumental work sounded strange. At that time, I spoke absolutely no Portuguese but knew enough Spanish to understand that tristes meant sad. However, I could not for the life of me penetrate the “meaning” associated with the title of this passionate, perilous quest into (what at that time was considered) the…


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Ethnic identity as natural phenomenon

Anthropologist and statistician S.M. Shirokogoroff in 1930s made an attempt to understand ethnic identity as an object of natural sciences ( incl funct anthropology ). He uses elementary equations of statistical thermodynamic in order to describe ethnogenesis as processes of statistical self-organization. In contrast, today social anthropologists and governments behave like they already had found complete proof of theorem on social nature of ethnic identity and all counterexamples are…


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The Monstering of Anthropology


In 1983, Norman Tebbit, a minister in Thatcher’s government, justified cuts to the social sciences by saying that those who study ‘the pre-nuptial habits of the Upper Volta valley’ were not deserving of money. In…


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Looking for feedback on writing project about how we create the world in which we live

 I am currently soliciting opinions about a project I have been working on that touches on several areas of anthropology. All constructive opinions and suggestions are welcome. I started a writing project several months ago which was initially just intended to result in a self-published book (or a book published through a tiny start up) that contained a series of informal lecture-essays on issues of interest to me and presented at a broadly accessible level. Ideas developed as I wrote, and…


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Mathematical tradition in Anthropology. An Introduction 1. Edmund R.Leach


Anthropologist sees the world  as a world of extreme complexity or as a series of Big Data ( NP hard ) problems , hence, some field complexities could be described as“ botanic rarities of the most exotic kind “ by literary forms , whereas another complexities are ready for scientific computational analysis.

As is known the first attempts to introduce systematic scientific analysis of culture as “ a set of mechanical devices “ ( Malinowski ) or  as a  sort of “computer…


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Remark on History of Anthropology and Mathematics


This remark inspired by David Mills (Department of Education, University of Oxford) paper "After Malinowski..." ( Ethnicity seminar at ISCA 1.03.2013 ). David described Malinowski style of doing anthropological seminar at LSE with its interactive way of presentation, formalism,"raumkunst" and, of course, pub. It became puzzling for today's anthropologists because mathematical aspects of Malinowski functionalist thinking ( as well as Levi-Strauss algebraist thinking) are ignored…


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Reflections on Hurricane Sandy, media and disconnection [cross-post]

Cross-posted from my blog, Analog/Digital. Originally published on November 04, 2012.


Hurricane Sandy: Parked Last week, Hurricane Sandy pummeled the east coast of the US. Power outages due to extreme coastal flooding, high winds and fallen trees have caused food and gas…


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[Paperback book] Envisioning Eden: Mobilizing Imaginaries in Tourism and Beyond

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Please circulate. For those interested in purchasing this paperback book, there is a great time-limited discount offer.



Envisioning Eden: Mobilizing Imaginaries in Tourism and Beyond

Noel B. Salazar

Berghahn Books, November 2012 [paperback version]…


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Call for Papers: The International Conference on Anthropological Applications in Management and Marketing

Updated CFPs Anthropological Applications in Management and Marketing Tentative


In order to promote phenomenon-driven study on management and marketing research in the Chinese context, the Business School at Eastern China University of Science and Technology will host The International Conference on Anthropological Concern and Local Knowledge Construction: Applications in Indigenous Management and…


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My first publication about time, bicycles and economic anthropology on :


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SMA "Takes A Stand" on Health Insurance Reform

The Critical Anthropology for Global Health working group on Global Health Insurance Reform is happy to announce that a preliminary SMA "Takes a Stand" statement on health insurance reform is now publicly available for comment on the SMA website.

The statement's primary focus is analyzing health insurance reform in the US through the lessons learned from transformations of health care systems worldwide. We situate this analysis within the context of broader theoretical questions…


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Is Science simply "Mission of western white men " ?

New Scientist (29 October 2011 Issue number 2836) contains comments on Anthropology 1 ( Postmodernism based cultural anthropology ). In particular author suggests that such sort of imaginary anthropology rejects an existence of objective truth as well as assumes that  "science was simply mission of western white men "? As a consequence - " A generation of journalists with a postmodern education decided that " objective" reporting was simply getting varying views of the story, but not required… Continue

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What do we make of Occupy Wall Street?

For those with an interest in moving the global economy in more humane directions, the story of the hour is the Occupy Wall Street movement that has now spread worldwide. Its eruption has spurred a discussion on Anthro-L from which I take the following exchange.


On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 6:40 AM, LINDA SCHINKEL <> wrote:

 I believe that many of us these days don't believe that evolving Capitalism forward, in a more humane…


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Thoughtful Voices

With a tip of the hat to designanthro, I  direct your attention to this recording of Debbie Millman's interview with Dori Tunstall. I must say that I do like the voices. The warmth, the sharing, the lack of antagonism are all immensely appealing. The question I confronted when thinking where to put this on OAC is that it could so easily fit in so many places. It touches on so many issues, from…


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Anthropologies #7: Anthropology with PURPOSE

Hey everyone!  So, the 7th issue of the online project "anthropologies" is live. Take the time to check it out, and feel free to post your thoughts, comments, and reactions here at the OAC and over there as well.  Also, check out some of the upcoming themes--if you are interested in taking part in a future issue, let me know.  Here's what's in this issue:



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Notes about Greg Grandin's "The Last Colonial Massacre"

There is one overarching theme that crops up in these readings that I can’t stop thinking about: democracy. I have read several histories and ethnographies that talk about US interventions and policies in Latin America, and the stories are usually pretty similar. This book by Greg Grandin provides more of the same: the US took a position on Guatemala that was completely anti-democratic, all in the name of democracy.


Grandin writes about this…


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New project in the works - "anthropologies"

Ideas abound. I am completely fascinated with the possibilities of communicating and publishing anthropology in some different ways. In fact, that's pretty much all I have been thinking about for the last few days. What else can we do with anthropology? How can we find new, collaborative ways of not only making connections between anthropologists, but also encouraging debate and dialog with wider audiences (the "general" public, journalists, pundits, and maybe…

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Internaitonal Journal of Business Anthropology Vol. 2 (1)

 Click here for detailed TOC:


Business Anthropologists in the Business World:  Our Troops and Our Future (Editorial Commentary)


Anthropology is a discipline that, over the last hundred or so years, has developed a wide array of qualitative techniques for understanding people and their behavior.  For many…


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Race and the Bible

Alice C. Linsley


The Bible has been used to support racism throughout history.  One such text is the “curse of Ham” in Genesis, a gloss that comes from the rabbis.  This gloss is not consistent with the older tradition, as is evident in analysis of the kinship pattern of Abraham’s Horite people.  For example, the men listed in Genesis 4 and 5 are rulers whose lines intermarried exclusively.  The same is true for the lines of Ham and Shem, Noah's sons. This means that Abraham…


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