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Worldmaking images of disaster: the ‘art’ of speaking of/for the disenfranchised

Recently, the massive human migrations from war-ridden and natural disaster-plagued regions of the world has flooded my Facebook account. I know I am not the only one participating in this digital philanthropic revolution unwillingly, as a passive site-seer: a subject apprehending the social world as a detached landscape, a collection of sites. By using the concept of ‘site’ I wish to stress the domination of the sensible by seamless geometry, hence a violence of detachment as…


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The death of community and the rise of individualised tourist mobilities

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I am intrigued by the well-developed Wikipedia entry (25 April 2014) on ‘individualism’. Its exploration of the concept’s journey in philosophical, psychosocial and political terms…


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Serendipitous fortune telling

I never thought that my childhood’s magic would be stolen by a coffee machine. Like many other modern people with little time to waste and much accumulated taste for conspicuous consumption of technology, I tend to start my day with latte or cappuccino produced out of cachet-measured portions of milk and coffee. Nostalgia or decades of cultivated taste do nevertheless dictate the occasional return to cups of Turkish coffee (corrected to ‘Greek’ or even ‘Cypriot coffee’ by the…

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Public and private ghosts

Public and private ghosts

A while ago I was intimated by someone that you should not play with ghosts in some countries. Pop fiction teaches that there are ghosts creeping out of houses, possessing people with no warning and articulating collective fears with no remorse. A friend of mine who is a seasoned South Asian traveller pointed that Thai ghost stories have now made it to the cyberspace, acquiring…


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BOOK: Heritage in the Digital Era: Cinematic Tourism and the Activist Cause


Heritage in the Digital Era

Cinematic Tourism and the Activist Cause

By Rodanthi Tzanelli


To Be Published 28th February 2013 by Routledge – 248 pages


Series: Routledge Advances in Sociology



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On Avatar: digital commerce as activist pedagogy?

Contemporary media allow digital milieus to function as transnational classrooms, a multidimensional public sphere accessible to people with Internet connection. This generates ethical dilemmas, including the right to represent groups with incomplete civic rights and restricted access to representational centres. James Cameron’s Avatar (2009)-Amazon Watch (2011) marriage responds to this phenomenon, through its uses of digital communication as both profitable enterprise and activist…


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‘Take Five’: Understanding Greek Manifestations of ‘Disrespect’

Parading on Greek National Days used to be the quintessential celebration of Greek identity. In the age of austerity it has evolved into an arena of contestation of rituals Greeks used to take for granted.



Political and economic analysts speak of an economic ‘…


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Of Poesis: Art and Craft

Anthropological discourse is constitutive of this debate, yet philosophy and social theory seem to have adopted a more clear stance towards this debate. Anthropology seems to limit this to definitions of ethnography - and even then, there is an explicit tendency - or better tension, between traditional combinations of 'doing fieldwork' and theorising about it.


I would truly welcome comments from either perspective on this blog: …


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Thessaloniki's ill-defined heritage: a different anthropological account

Let me forward this by saying that I am not working in an anthropological institution. These reflections were generated from a dual native and academic stand point. I share them with you in my capacity as a traveler and a scholar - and do of course, welcome comments.

Cross-posted from the Identity & Tourism…


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New book on tourism, migration & methods: Cosmopolitan Memory in Europe's 'Backwaters': Rethinking Civility

Cosmopolitan Memory in

Europe’s ‘Backwaters’ reconsiders the definitional relationships of ‘national character’ and ‘national heritage’ in the context of Western industrial modernity. Taking as a case study the Greek islands of Skiathos and Skopelos which served as cinematic locations for the blockbuster Mamma Mia! (2008), the book explores how national identity - once shaped by political, cultural and religious practices - can now be reduced to little more than an ideal, created and…


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Film and cosmology

I have taken an interest in a - seemingly irrelevant to anthropologists - controversy over the shooting of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit in New Zealand. The protests were incited by Warner Bros' threats to move the film production to Europe, just because the actor's Union went on strike over employment conditions. This is the story I narrate on my website:…


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