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Dynamics of the News Cycle

Recently I read a paper co-authored by a number of social network social scientists on the dynamics of the news cycle as evidenced by a medium-grained examination of the diffusion and transformation of phrase variants across the web. The authors, Leskovec, Backstrom, and Kleinberg, have a supporting web site, http://memetracker.org. Its worth a look.

Leskovec, Backstrom, and Kleinberg note that the two principal approaches to the… Continue

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It is hardly news that the world is a flow of matter, energy, and information. It is a foundational notion of most of the sciences, and especially of ecology, which has exerted particularly significant influence on anthropological thinking. I mention this because I would like to call attention to what a theoretically sophisticated understanding of the relatively neglected third of these might offer anthropology.

I say neglected, but it really hasn't been. Those things falling under… Continue

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Patrick Maher on Belief, Action, and Acceptance

Rational Belief: Rational Acceptance or Rational Action?

Patrick Maher in his book Betting on Theories (1993, chapter 6) notes two common assumptions about belief:

(1) An agent A believes in H just in case A is willing to act as if H were true.

(2) Sincere intentional assertion… Continue

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