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Having just set a paper in my intro to socio-cultural anthropology class I realised that when you ask undergrads to find a source they reach straight for the internet (not the hp... sorry) but have very little idea about what is legit and what isn't. With that in mind I thought I would use this as a space to make a list of good intro texts online:

First up - Small places large issuesThomas Hylland…


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Grayson Perry wanders into anthropology.

The allusions Grayson Perry makes to anthropology in his recent three part documentary series on class taste in Britain struck me as particularly bold. In a later interview conducted for the BBC he admits that promoting oneself “on the telly” and other media platforms is something that modern artists…


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Things I didn't know about applying to (post) graduate courses.

The following is meant as a guide with a few extras on applying to Universities in the USA and France. I started from knowing nothing about the process and could have done with something like this about two years ago. Any comments or criticisms are welcome.

1. It takes time

a) My brother says that applying to jobs is a full time job, I would say that applying to Universities is just as consuming. Obviously the more Universities you apply to, the longer it all…


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Anthropological research and journalism

I have recently re-joined the world of academia after spending three years as a journalist. As a result I have been weighing up the pros and cons of each and I would be interested to hear anyone else’s thoughts. Below are a few ideas about some of the ways the internet has changed journalism.

The best-seller in journalism has always been the base product, the “facts”. The biggest news agencies, like AFP, Reuters, and AP, sell what they call “pure news” or “just the facts”. Facts come… Continue

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