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Summary of Anthropology Programs in the U.S.

Ancient Digger has posted a list of all U.S. Archaeology and Anthropology programs.  Naturally, my Alma Mater (Arizona State University) is first!


I would have found this to be a huge time saver when looking for a graduate school.

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Mogollon Conference - Day 2

Michele Hegmon of Arizona State University asked us to consider the Classic Mimbres society as "Another Way of Being," and to do so through the archaeological data. She began by contrasting the layouts of Mibres pueblos vs. contemporary structures at Mesa Verde.

Mesa Verde unit pueblos are very uniform in their overall form, and in room size and shape: Room block, kiva, midden. This is suggestive…

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Mogollon Conference - Day 1

After leaving Phoenix at 6:00 am and discovering somewhere along the way that New Mexico is currently in a different (i.e. later) time zone, I somehow still made it to the conference in Las Cruces just in time for the first presentation following the lunch break.

Chuck Adams from the UofA kicked off a series of presentations on the use of space for rituals in the pueblos. Adams is the director of the Homol'ovi…

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What now? A non-trad anthro student considers the options

As a non-traditional student, I often find myself re-planning my future. A new school year has begun, and for the first time in a long time, I am not registered for any courses.... so something is up, and I need to once again evaluate what my future holds in terms of anthropology.

I have completed all the anthropology coursework for my B.A., and only two Spanish courses stand between me and a relatively useless degree. I'm rapidly approaching 50 years of age, and after some frank… Continue

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Open Access: "Stop worrying about journals and learn to love repositories"

Mike Smith has a terrific posting about a scientific discipline (High Energy Physics) that created their own online repository for papers over ten years ago, and a recent paper that concludes that citations of these papers are five times those not archived.

Read it at Publishing Archaeology.

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Latest Edition of the Four Stone Hearth is Live

I've posted the latest installment of the Anthropology Blog Carnival at my blog.

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Four Stone Hearth Blog Carnival - 69th Edition

For the first time, I'll be hosting the biweekly anthropology blog carnival known as the Four Stone Hearth. If you have a blog representing any of the four fields, please submit a recent post that you think others might find interesting and I'll include it in the carnival.

This is a late notice-- I need to publish this on my blog Wednesday! So please get your submissions in by 7:00pm EST Tuesday… Continue

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Green OA vs. Gold OA (Open Access)

Mike Smith has a post pointing us to a current debate over the best way to transition to Open Access publication of peer-reviewed articles over at his blog Publishing Archaeology.

Here's a link to to blog post: Green vs. Gold Open Access

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600 Members

Arbitrary though it may be (it's only a round number because we happen to represent our numbers in base 10), 600 seems like a significant milestone.

I'm really pleased to see that some of the groups are really taking off: Starting collaborative projects, planning seminars, creating Wiki sites to store their collaborative fruits.

I wish I had more time to join and keep up with every group!

I hope that everyone finds what they're looking for at OAC, and if they… Continue

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