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On incidental Truth, consistency and belonging

The reversal of Doxa ("opinions/metaphysics") and Episteme ("truth/knowledge") happened around the time of the early 20th century. The theory of relativity seems to be the discovery that sparked it, but really this theoretical discover is merely the "best example" of the reversal in knowledge types that I am pointing out.

Once Newtonian physics lost its bearing as being Truth -- which coincided with the scientific method being formulated as a method for truth -- incidentally, we also…


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being and identity and reality

I think much of politics stems from identity construction. Most discussions about identity are approached from the question of the Other -- include them or teach them or change them. But really, any position of otherness must be mediated by what the Self is. The self mediating the self is the "invisible" point of reference that creates this initial distortion.

Post race isn't exactly the same as post identity. Even if it's a class distinction or, say, identifying as a "punk" which…


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Review of Philosophical Papers, Volume 1: The Methodology of Scientific Research Programmes

After the enlightenment, people started to seriously make a distinction that how they distinguished what they really knew from what was really going on around them. The actual knowledge, epistemes, were favored over "opinions" or doxa. The debate that surrounded that distinction amid the turmoil of increasing technology and religious unrest eventually flipped around: doxa became the norm with epistemes being questioned as being attainable. With this flip, after the revolution of…


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the violence of subjectivity complements our lack of negativity

There is an inherent violence in being a subject.

AS what Slavoj Zizek calls the universal exception, our subjectivity each is an exception of the unbreakable rule of the universal.

This subjectivity must be "non-all" an untotalized whole which prevents the universal from foreclosing.

Part of why I think so much continental philosophy goes on and on about subjectivity and cannot bridge the gap between subjectivity and society remains in this gap between the… Continue

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from Social to Universal, what comes after a Monetized Economy?

Cross posted: limits of a monetized economy

I've written about the failure of our economic models to account for our happiness and welfare in the work place. I want to go into a little more detail about what an alternative view for our society might look like… Continue

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Rage in the Age of Mechanical Twinkies

Cross posted on the the Lobster Brain: Mixing Food and Ideas


Are you a Fried Twinkie?

Corporate America fills us with FDA approved créme filling, but Hunter Thompson explores the chemical meltdown aftermath in Hell's Angels

The fried Twinkie, is both authentic and in-authentic, a paradox of our post-industrial…


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Rational Choice Theory at the Work Place

also posted on here meaning at work or why utility is a priori only to itself

When I was growing up, my parents presented me with a life path.  It went something like this:

  1. Go to public school
  2. Go to College
  3. Get a…

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The Confusing Junk of Modernism: How Duchamp isn't an Artist


In Cabinet Magazine, issue 27, there is an article titled Readymade Remade about Pierre Pinoncelli who first made a big name for himself by pissing in Marcel Duchamp's readymade urinal. The article examines Pinoncelli's argument that he was bringing history and value to the urinal by doing so. While the French gov't did not agree with Pinoncelli at all, especially after Pinoncelli pissed in the same urinal again in…


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House Hunting and Existentialism

posted here as well, Meaning in the face of Annihilation


A few days ago, I was showing houses to an old friend who is now a client. It was raining and we had passed by a smaller duplex. The pictures on the MLS aren't the same as seeing the context of the property with your own eyes. After seeing it, he…


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Aesthetics and Politics: Let's Pick on Foucault Week

Michel Foucault asks in an interview, "Couldn't everyone's life become a work of art?" even though

1) Foucault had already acknowledged that only a select subset of citizens was empowered to actually undertake an aesthetics of existence.

2) Foucault treats the bios as a non-Kantian work of art, emphasizing that because absoluteness and regularity of structure comes a priori with harmony and social ideal -- only "irregularity, dissymmetry and nonreciprocity"…


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