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"The Syrian regime with military help from Russia regime" are back in control of beautiful Palmyra. This success of one "of the vilest regimes on Earth" is not result of any particular British, French, Italian,American or Western policy... How could it be ? Was Palmyra a moral and cultural catastrophe of the West indeed? May be  Neobarbaric…


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Anthropology and Becoming War. NATO Turkey downs Russian warplane

In practice the war-peace process can be incredibly fragile : the slightest unreasonable disturbance will disrupt the delicate agreement and destroy any possibility of peaceful political computation.We are living in the period of becoming war and as anthropologists we must help to develop some error-correcting code of peace.There is rapid growth of computational complexity. Already now...

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War and Peace."Formalists" vs "Essentialists" in ethnic identity theory

I afraid theory of ethnic identity became an important part of  today’s world politics in wrong time when  a dispute between “formalists” and “essentialists” on nature of ethnic identity  is not  discontinued and “hidden” collision  of these two schools of thinking in social anthropology is continuing.  As is known, formalists believe  that ethnic identity ( as some social set of all sets ) is merely a political cognitive formal construction, correspondingly,  it is not important. For…


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Ethnic identity as natural phenomenon

Anthropologist and statistician S.M. Shirokogoroff in 1930s made an attempt to understand ethnic identity as an object of natural sciences ( incl funct anthropology ). He uses elementary equations of statistical thermodynamic in order to describe ethnogenesis as processes of statistical self-organization. In contrast, today social anthropologists and governments behave like they already had found complete proof of theorem on social nature of ethnic identity and all counterexamples are…


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Remark on the fieldwork in Anthropology of Science and Technology

This remark is inspired by Marianne de Laet ‘s anthropological comments ( Nature vol 501: 164-165,12 Sept 2013 ) on Harry Collins (2013) new book ‘Gravity’s Ghost and Big Dog : Scientific Discovery and Social Analysis in the 21st Century ‘ (University Chicago Press ).

Harry Collins produced brilliant  systematic sociological account of his almost 40 years (!) fieldwork among scientists in the field of gravitational ( relativistic ) astronomy.

It is important…


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Mathematical tradition in Anthropology. An Introduction 1. Edmund R.Leach


Anthropologist sees the world  as a world of extreme complexity or as a series of Big Data ( NP hard ) problems , hence, some field complexities could be described as“ botanic rarities of the most exotic kind “ by literary forms , whereas another complexities are ready for scientific computational analysis.

As is known the first attempts to introduce systematic scientific analysis of culture as “ a set of mechanical devices “ ( Malinowski ) or  as a  sort of “computer…


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Remark on History of Anthropology and Mathematics


This remark inspired by David Mills (Department of Education, University of Oxford) paper "After Malinowski..." ( Ethnicity seminar at ISCA 1.03.2013 ). David described Malinowski style of doing anthropological seminar at LSE with its interactive way of presentation, formalism,"raumkunst" and, of course, pub. It became puzzling for today's anthropologists because mathematical aspects of Malinowski functionalist thinking ( as well as Levi-Strauss algebraist thinking) are ignored…


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Is Science simply "Mission of western white men " ?

New Scientist (29 October 2011 Issue number 2836) contains comments on Anthropology 1 ( Postmodernism based cultural anthropology ). In particular author suggests that such sort of imaginary anthropology rejects an existence of objective truth as well as assumes that  "science was simply mission of western white men "? As a consequence - " A generation of journalists with a postmodern education decided that " objective" reporting was simply getting varying views of the story, but not required… Continue

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Two Anthropologies

There are two different anthropologies – anthropology by historians and anthropology by physicists and mathematicians. The first is academically recognized social science ,whereas , the second is just emerging discipline inspired by results of cosmology of antropic (anthropological ) principle, space life  sciences, computational theory of human limits, gravitational  and quantum biology, mathematical evolution, experimental econophysics, quantum games applications,applied mathematics and …


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