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Love, Life and Lust - Relationships among beggars in East London

Dear all,

following up from my earlier blog post, I am getting deeper into both, theory and fieldwork, and am coming up with some observations I would like to share with you. Potentially some of you have some ideas about how to embed the findings into anthropological literature (on friendship, love and sex in other contexts) for which I would be eternally grateful.

The more I speak to the group of beggars on the street the more I cultivate the following feeling:…


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friendship, love and sexuality among beggars.

Dear all,

after some exam-abstinence from the forum, the summer will see me put in more effort again. I am going to do more research among a community of street-beggars in the East of London and am planning to look at what beggars actually do in their 'real life', i.e. when they are not 'working' as beggars. How do beggars love? How do they create friendships? How does sexuality work? Where do relations come from, where do they extend to? In conclusion, I am trying to 'draw' a…


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Bill Maurer on cashlessness and the importance of information in money (Seminar in Cambridge, 01/02/2013)

Dear all,

I was fascinated by a talk that Bill Maurer gave about his latest research with regulators and practitioners in the payment industry. First of all, his 'opening up' of the black box of (electronic) payment is worth mentioning. Payment is not merely the 'reading of the debit/credit card', but several 'stops' (such as the payment device, the 'switch' deciding whether it is debit or credit etc) accompany the transfer along the 'rail'. All of those stakeholders have…


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Money matters - even for the beggar

Dear all,

i haven't been around for quite a time. Settling in Cambridge was more work than expected - but I was actually writing in the last couple of weeks. Thanks to all of you - especially John and Keith - for the feedback on my begging-piece. A couple of ideas have now been distilled in this blog post on Sandy Ross's blog:…


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Actor Network Theory - Relevance for Anthropology

In my recent 'fieldwork' I stumbled upon a couple of incidences where it occurred to me that actually the agency of things plays a crucial role. Just as Woody Allen expressed in the conference for his latest movie 'To Rome with Love' cities for example often have agency themselves. 

In my personal example it is the importance of cups, dogs, signs or possibly crouches for the beggar. They 'mark' him as a beggar and signify his neediness. Without those 'signs' he is hardly recognizable…


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