EASA-2010- Call for Papers

EASA, 2010: EASA2010: Crisis and imagination

Maynooth, 24/08/2010 – 27/08/2010

Panel (W076) Title: Anthropological reflections on crisis and imagination: a field view


Eswarappa Kasi (University of Hyderabad) email

Robin Oakley (Dalhousie University) email

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Short Abstract

In order to depict anthropological moorings, we invite scholars and academicians working in the themes and perspectives of anthropological reflections of… Continue

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For peace and development- Volume 26 - Issue 26 :: Dec. 19, 2009-Jan. 01, 2010

For peace and development

Frontline, Volume 26 - Issue 26 :: Dec. 19, 2009-Jan. 01, 2010

AS K. Chandrasekhara Rao observed his fast and activists demanding a separate Telangana state agitated on the streets, there were many appeals urging the movement not to adopt violent methods, and not all of them were from the government. Some respected voices within the movement, and leaders of social movements sympathetic to the statehood demand stressed the importance of a peaceful… Continue

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Theory & Practice of Ethnography: Readings from the Periphery-New Book

Theory & Practice of Ethnography: Readings from the Periphery Edited by Eswarappa Kasi and Ramesh C. Malik (2009). Jaipur: Rawat Publications: ISBN 81-316-0306-7, 356 pages; Rs. 950.

Theory and Practice of Ethnography is an anthology of research papers contributed by illustrious scholars both from India and abroad. It accentuates theoretical and empirical layout of the Ethnography, language, Literature, Culture, Rethinking History and Social Development. Ethnography is highly… Continue

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Dimensions of Social Exclusion:Ethnographic Explorations-New Book from CSP, UK

Dimensions of Social Exclusion: Ethnographic Explorations

Editor: K.M. Ziyauddin and Eswarappa Kasi

Dimensions of Social Exclusion focuses largely on social exclusion in the context of communities and social groups who have or have not been considered in discussing the benefits of mainstream inclusive society or development. Contemporary understanding of social exclusion has revived great interest among academics, researchers and policy makers in understanding problems from the… Continue

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Anthropology and Development- New Book

Anthropology and Development in a Globalized India: An Ethnography of Sericulture from the South

Author: Eswarappa Kasi

Date Of Publication: Nov 2009

Isbn13: 978-1-4438-1345-7

Isbn: 1-4438-1345-1

The book tries to portray sericulture, as a crop enterprise, and which is emerged as one of the foremost view in the theoretical… Continue

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Brief Note:


The end of the twentieth century has seen momentous shifts both in

production and in production relations, now visible in new clusters that

dominate physical and intellectual landscapes. This has substantially

changed the way we perceive ourselves, as well as the world around us.

And yet, this transformation is only partial, visible in some landscapes.

Old theories are inadequate to address the… Continue

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