Dear Colleagues,
I am teaching an ethnographic survey course on Sub-Saharan Africa and realise I need an idiot's guide to epistemology of anthropology (and of course Everything Else!).
Any quick concise references? I am a lapsed fan of Popper and (probably) a non-phenomenologist, but my philosophy is a bit rusty so any help you can offer will be most welcome,
The Reader I am using - Perspectives on Africa eds Grinker & Steiner - makes my blood boil at certain points but it does have two opposing 'native' African opinons to contrast.

I should add that I started as a linguist and carried out extensive fieldwork in Sudan (Nuba Mts and Darfur) so I am well acquainted with the problems of linguistic competence of the 'observer' and evaluating native informants' 'answers'.

thanks in advance
Robin Thelwall, U of Calgary

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Comment by Robin Thelwall on September 7, 2009 at 3:02am
Thanks Keith,
I'll check out the first. No haven't had time to read Mamdani. Not read a whole book for five months - supervising renovations on our new estate in the Kootenays BC, but so far will use de Waal ed. - War in Darfur 2007 for the course on it I will be teaching in Jan. Will go look when I've got the new term started.
Actually it's also a checklist of strictly philosphical paradigms I want. But all suggestions welcome.
I am so happy to have found an immediate need for the OACoop. Almost as good as the Staff Club breakfast at the University of Khartoum where I cut my professional teeth arguing with epidemiologists, physicists et al. Only you don't serve lentil soup or devilled kidney (yet?) How about OAC breakfasts?
Comment by Keith Hart on September 6, 2009 at 3:30pm
I like Paloma Gay y Blasco and Huon Wardle, How to Read Ethnography (Routledge, 2007). Have you read Mahmood Mamdani's latest on Darfur? Saviours & Survivors: Darfur, Politics & the War on Terror (HSRC Press, 2009).


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