thanks for your reply.
Ok for Jennifer, I understand now , in fact I was very surprised to receive this kind of mail on this anthropologic place to exchange ideas ..!
For your considerations upon cultural diversity of epistemologic issues, anyway I'm french, I have interest for american sociology, and more larger, about conceptual crossed bounds between philosophic anthropology ( Schutz) and european philososophy ( Husserl). I discovered recently with Sandra Laugier's work upon Stanley Cavell than Emerson was the inspirator of Wittgenstein and ordinary language philosophy... my studies drive me to have interest in empiric enquiry, feed on pragmatism's conceptual options.
I worked above all with conversation analysis and i have the pleasure to meet Rod Watson last summer during a congress I organize in Nice to underline place of experience in social work 's practices.

But for not staying in an amateurish way of exchange with you, it seems to me it shall be necessary to confront first our definitions of anthropology.. because, when I studied sociology, we learnt that anthropology is just another word to talk about the different ways we live and we think the world together, so we used indifferently "sociology" or "anthropology" to define our studies on social life.

Forgive again my english, it's easier to read than to write or to talk..I hope I m not too .. how do you tell that ? " sharpless "? in french : " ce n'est pas pointu"...

best regards

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Comment by Catherine FELIX on January 6, 2010 at 4:22pm
Keith, thanks, I 'll learn to use "ning culture". I dont know why there are no french contributions in anthropology. I have many friends who are researchers in social sciences in Europe et most of them write in french...
Comment by Keith Hart on January 5, 2010 at 7:20pm
Catherine, You don't have to start another blog thread in order to reply to my post. Just click on Reply and a box will appear with your picture saying Comment. I understand that the Ning culture is not immediately obvious to everyone, but I hope we can learn from each other to observe some rough standards of conduct. I appreciate your interest here and willingness to write in English. We have discussion groups in Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian and Norwegian, but none in French. Why do you suppose that is? It is a mystery to me.


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