Australian Aboriginal song poetry from the north west

Dear all,

Here is a selection from a recent post at my (other) blog, The Northern Myth on some Aboriginal song poetry from the norther-west of the country in a region known as the Pilbara.


Tabi in Karierra, by Tjarndai

njalataianna pannina kudii nagunjuru

pilanmannaba takanna.

palakuru pala kardi?iriba pannigu

tinatingala juurra-manjulaba mirrunjgu

palakuru pala waarnarraba warnjga “kaa”

warnda murrumurru tanbatirriiba wurdanjga

They lurk and sit till they see a bone

What they can get, they grab

They hang around, eyeing something off.

Hopping about in the sun,

Conversing: “Kaa, kaa, kaa.”

Then its up to the back of a branch

One after another – what a crowd.

To see more go to the post here.

And as a newbie I like this site - lost of interesting discussions, contacts and thoughts.

More to come from me soon.


Bob Gosford
Yuendumu, Northern Territory

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Comment by Martin Walsh on September 13, 2009 at 8:39pm
Love it: I hope your forthcoming book has lots more like this.
Comment by Alice C. Linsley on September 11, 2009 at 10:53pm
Bob, I was recently in AU and did some reading about Aboriginal cosmology. I noted that the gender assignments (female sun and male moon, for example) are exactly opposite of those of the Afro-Asiatics. This direct opposition suggests gender reversal, something that is associated with the direction South in Afro-Asiatic thought. Can yo offer me any insights on this? Recommend some reading?


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