If you are interested in open access writing of books, have a look at the Culture Machine Liquid Books. Anyone wants to join in writing an Anthropology Liquid Theory? or on other anthropology liquid themes?

"Culture Machine Liquid Books is a series of experimental digital ‘books’ published under the conditions of both open editing and free content. As such, you are free to compose, rewrite, edit, annotate, tag, add to, remix, reformat, reinvent and reuse any of the books in the series, or produce parallel versions of them - and what's more you are expressly invited and encouraged to do so".

Current books are: New Cultural Studies: The Liquid Theory Reader
Call for Papers for the very exciting The Post-Corporate University to which I hope to contribute.

Would anyone join me in opening an Anthropology Liquid Theory one (or any other definition, doesn't just to have theory I mean)?

If you would like to do so maybe we could link it to the Co-Op for all to be easy to write.

I am happy for this announcement to be moved to another section if you feel that is best, that's good too, as it the liquidity of it does make it a flexible, movable exercise in itself.

Let me know



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Comment by Àngels Trias i Valls on July 2, 2009 at 1:27pm
Hi Keith,
I know the feeling, ok, I think anything that we can do leisurely, yes linked to OAC would be best and 'Liquid Anthropology' it is! You are in!
Comment by Keith Hart on June 27, 2009 at 7:01pm
Hi Angels,

I only just saw this -- I've been tied up the last two weeks and it doesn't get easier soon. I'm up for any experiment involving writing and this looks like it could be fun. I would be up for some Liquid Anthropology project and for it to be linked to the OAC in some way. I will alert Paul, Carole and other likely suspects. I am extended beyond any natural limits at present and couldn't commit much energy soon, but it could be a nice summer project. So count me in.


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