Nepal,a least developed country is facing a severe crisis and tragedy because of heavy diarrhea outbreak in Jajarkot, a remote place and its neighbor districts Rukum and Dialekh. After few months of initial break, now the death tolls alone in Jajarkot is 300 and still hundreds are in repercussion effects. The death rate is around 7/8 per day which reflects the very vulnerability of locals there and the sheer negligence of governments, organizations and all stakeholders.

Enough supply of Jeevan-Jal (re- hydration sipplement which costs NRS 5 on local market) to the locals there in time and knowledge about it might have restricted us from such grief. But our government couldn’t provide a packet of Jeevan-jal to its people and the local organizations there have proved themselves fake.If government has been a little serious and concerned on its people, this outbreak hadn’t have achieved such critical phase, locals there are in deep mourning.

A single family has been stroked by the death of father and son alone having no person to take care of sick person. Villagers are in such misery that they lack the person to go and conduct the funeral. I would like to pay heartfelt obituary to all deceased.

Poverty, illiteracy and rural socio-economic conditions seem to be the root cause of this devastating social havoc. These districts are so remote and rural that the people lack the minimum knowledge of the sanitation and preventative measures. I learnt that people have no safe drinking water facilities there, it has been so long that local have been quenching thirst from river water. This is so annoying and pitiful.

Government delegations including Health Minister with health workers went there through helicopters to drop medicines. But the geographical situation is so hard that it takes hours and days to reach another VDC. Those doctors who went to few villages haven’t gone to far villages and so villagers there are so rustic that they pay reluctance to go with doctors. Distribution of medicine itself in every village has become a challenging task. In such case, a standby helicopter to go every prone place for the service and life of the people is very essential.

Government has announced to control the epidemic in one month, but hasnt yet. During this period lots of people have to suffer much. So governments should deploy its doctors, auxiliary health workers and volunteers as much as it can by helicopters there. Organizations should ready to deliver care and sanitation in such severe case for the mankind.

Governments should have been enlightened now about how to prepare the development plans and focus in rural areas. Awareness, Education and developments projects need to be cater all the people addresseing their socio-economic conditions.

so come join me with your view ok.........

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