friendship, love and sexuality among beggars.

Dear all,

after some exam-abstinence from the forum, the summer will see me put in more effort again. I am going to do more research among a community of street-beggars in the East of London and am planning to look at what beggars actually do in their 'real life', i.e. when they are not 'working' as beggars. How do beggars love? How do they create friendships? How does sexuality work? Where do relations come from, where do they extend to? In conclusion, I am trying to 'draw' a map for the beggars that I am working with contextualising their different forms of relations (competition/hostility, friendship, love, sexuality).

At the moment I am in a phase of preparation, gathering reading material and getting back into the field. Perhaps, some of you have some interesting ideas - general reading about friendship, love and sexuality among deprived communities etc - or tips of where to look for more of the above.

Looking forward to a great summer with you guys.



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