(A found poem)


          To account for a world
          of ideas in motion,

          is to immobilize these ideas,
          and freeze them

        like the snap shot 
          of a horse-race;

          It's to transform the very nature
          of your re-search;
          formalize it

       as a body is preserved;

          to substitute an orderly
          train of concepts and experiments
          for a jumble of disordered efforts;

          Or attempts borne out
          of the desperate eagerness
          to see more clearly;

          of visions, dreams,
          unexpected connections,

          of childish simplifications,
          random soundings in every direction,

          never knowing where
          you're going to end up.


                                                          Achirri Ishmael


Creatively adapted from François Jacob (1988), An Autobiography: The Statue Within. Basic Books: New York.

François Jacob shared the 1965 Nobel Prize in Medicine with André Lwoff and Jacques Monod for their work on gene regulation.

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