Hello! I need help from linguistic anthropologists...

This song floated into my laptop while I was in a hotel in Vienna, Austria. I can't tell what language it is, but it's a catchy tune. If anyone can identify it and post their answer here it would be great. I am not a linguistic anthropologist, just a curious traveler. I uploaded the file to your video section because I change its strange format into something more common. Don't worry about a virus. I've had this file on my computer for four years and play it occasionally without mishap. Thanks in advance,
PS A translation would be a big bonus!

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Comment by Robin Thelwall on September 12, 2009 at 10:49pm
can't seem to locate and play the video. I'm a newbie at this game.
But I am a linguistic anthropologist and a keen music lover, Africa, the Med, the Middle E. and Asia and it's my favorite game to hear a piece and try and identify it. Can you email it to me? robinlef@yahoo.com


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