first, a very good new year to OAC's members and pleasure with intellectual work !

Thanks to Jennifer who post a comment on my page but I don't still know how I can answer !! it doest work !!

Anyway some news from my preoccupations ..

I'm working on concrete knowledge in educationnal and formative settings for a communication in a congress in Geneve.

In France, a very recent book named " sociology of prfessions" de François Champy focalizing upon theoritical approaches of specialized occupations ( functionnalism and interactionnism) underlines how managerial activity actually drive professionnals ( social work, medicine, and specialized activities like achitecture etc) to lost their autonomy. This évolution is questionning sociological approaches of professions ( againts occupations) by interactionnism, because interactionnism ddoesn't make any difference within professions
In France Bourdieu's sociology contributed too to develop denonciation of professionnal's power...but today, sociologists use philosophical approach to understand moral dimension of practices ..

I think that values are staying very important in social work and I try to demonstate it with sociological inquiry .

If by chance you are working on social's work practices, I'm interested to have discussion.

( indeed my english is not so good...)

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Comment by Keith Hart on January 5, 2010 at 10:49am

Bonne annee! Jenifer was a spammer who managed to reach a lot of people before we were able to delete 'her' membership. It is one of Ning's peculiar features that it deletes the content of the spam, but not the message. So when you click on it, there is nothing there.

I work a lot with Francophone economic sociologists, since I live in Paris and often visit Geneva. It is true that French sociology is often more like moral philosophy, although many are working on developing practical alternatives to neoliberal economy. Because Durkheim and Mauss combined sociology and anthropology in their own work, the two disciplines are not as sharply divided in France as in the Anglophone countries.

One topic, provoked by your post, might be to explore here at the OAC the different relations between anthropology and the rest of the social sciences in particular countries. Sometimes, sociology is very narrow and formal (as in the US) or rigid and Marxist (as in Brazil) or progressive and broad (as in Britain where it only got going in the 1960s). All of these affect relations between anthropology and sociology in these countries.

I hope that you get a response to your query, but I wanted first to make these two points about spam and disciplines.


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