looking for information on Bob Denard in the Comoros / implications in local tourism industry

Can anyone of you tell me about the relations between Bob Denard and the
hotel industry in the Comoros? I noticed that the Galawa hotel (the
islands' largest international hotel during the 1990s) is/was only a few hundred meters from Denard's former house. Or can anyone send me a link, or direct me to an author who has written about this? The Galawa opens in 1989; which appears to be when Denard was made to leave the
Comoros. Is there a link? The contract with Sun (who exploited the Galawa) must have been negotiated already before. Some informants indicate that Denard had
connections with the SA regime of the time. Is that substantiated
anyhow? Anyone ever worked on Sun International (a SA hotel group)
during and after Apartheid, and has info about the 1990s? Anyone knows,
or knows someone who could know? Also: why did the
Galawa close in 2001? I am always being told "for tax reasons"? Is that the real reason? What was the French gouvernment implication in the
Comoros after Mitterand (e.g. Chirac) You can send me a private mail, if
you want to have information kept secret. I am an anthropologist (New University of Lisbon) and do research on tourism development in the Comoros right now, and came across information indicating Denard's use
of hotels (for what? to generate hard currency, to earn money, to host
"guests", to have a beer?). David

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