Medical Anthropology: Where my interests originate

Medical Anthropology is particularly relevant because medicine is something that runs through all people's lives. Universally, all people experience states of illness that deviate from what they define as healthy. I have always found that so fascinating, particularly because it imbues people with a certain sense of difference that can be both stigmatizing as well as powerful, in some senses.

I am interested in the intersections between transcultural psychiatry, altered emotive states, and psychopharmaceutical consumption. It's partially prompted by my own experiences - particularly as I have seen many friends spend their entire lives taking up to 12 psychiatric medicines a day and it seems that drugs are so commonplace, particularly in North American culture and society. It's interesting to see how this plays out in other contexts, as some of these medicines become 'globalized' in some senses with the 'standardization' of Western biomedicine.

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