Well I've done social networking, even academic networking but this is my first (so far as I remember) attempt at blogging. What's it all about? Well as I understand it this a place where I can keep a sort of on-line public journal making my thoughts and news available to all other site users. Well that sounds potentially useful but please don't assume I'm going to write everything on here. I doubt I could.

Suffice it to say in this first blog, I am a thirty something divorced research student examining relations between contemporary Pagans and the archaeological/heritage profession. I'm currently registered as an MPhil but hope to be upgraded to doctoral candidate at the end of this month (Sep 2009). I'm adopting a largely ethnographic approach to my research, hence my prescence here and consider myself as much anthropologist as archaeologist. My BA (also at Lampeter was an integrated archaeology and anthropology one so that is my basis for this self identification.

I think that covers the most important points for this site. I look forward to seeing what others may comment.
Will Rathouse.

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