(S)talker is searching the imagined boundaries. He was then searching linguistically movement-prone zones–where there was a need/demand/desire for monolingual state, (s)talker would be there. How did people identify themselves with their language? (S)talker was albeit confused as s/he could not find out the enumerated boundary of monolingual state anywhere in India. Even some people had cut a sorry figure to name their own language.

Under the hegemonic control of standard language within an imagined nation state, the capital-incentive language-Industry is proliferated by the introduction of electronic as well as print capitalism with the help of ideological state apparatuses. If “other” captive varieties’ (so-called dialect) the S/HS, revolt against the central EL and withdraw their affiliation from the abstract umbrella of the supposed monolingual nation state, the situation is observed as language movement. This is a case of mutual resemblance oranyonyopratibimba, where the dominated is reflecting on the images of the dominator; the dominating paradigm is followed and copied—all the state organs, ideological and repressive state apparatuses, are repeated in a form of reverse mimicry. Thus, svatvais not established, but is manifested in a form of self-other exchanges and reflections. Terrorist state perceives their own image in the bodies of the others; in case of language, that is the linguistic terrorism. On the other hand, Sagina Mahatos are forcefully elaborated and hierarchized by the norms of developmentalism and vulgar vanguardism. (S)talker wishes to call it, “Sagina Mahato Syndrome”.

NEOLOGISMS: iso-corporealSchrodinger’s cat problem in Archaeology,my-dentity or my-ness, linguistic terrorism, reverse mimicry, Sagina Mahato Syndrome, Language Managers, Language Police, Language Judges, Language Clerks(the corpus-collectors dedicated to defense industry including cryptography), Anti-grammar=GrammEr.


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