'Nature and Nurture' Researchers Win Prize

The title of this post is the title of a news item in the 10 December, 2010 issue of Science magazine. According to this item, the husband-and-wife team Avshalom Caspi and Terrie Moffit, who have joint appointments at Duke University in the U.S.A. and King's College London, have been awarded the 1 million Swiss franc Klaus J. Jacob's Research Prize for their longitudinal study of New Zealanders linking genetic mutations with violence and depression while also "showing that environmental factors, such as childhood abuse or stress, come crucially into play." The piece quotes Anne Peterson, a biobehavioral researcher at the University of Michigan, who headed the jury for the prize as saying that while people too often say that this kind of relationship cannot be demonstrated Caspi and Moffitt "keep demonstrating that you can."

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