Fran Barone has recently unveiled our first step towards providing fast feeds for the latest posts here in the OAC Group Index. But the revolution in assembling and sorting relevant online information is gathering pace and anthropology is part of it. Kerim Friedman has just set up an online anthropology newspaper at Twitter, as he explains in this post to Savage Minds, where you can find more links. The news feeds are provided by anthropologists who post on Twitter and sign up for Kerim's list of anthropology tweeters.

The OAC admins team are actively considering ways of entering this new world of speedy targeted communications. Justin has created an OAC presence on Twitter @OpenAnthCoop which you can follow for news of what is happening here. This too needs development. If any of you are interested in taking this sort of thing further, please let us know through this blog thread or privately.

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Comment by Keith Hart on January 15, 2010 at 1:00pm
Trine, The right spelling is @OpenAnthCoop, but I found that a Twitter search for openanthcoop yields a result. Sometimes their search function doesn't work for mysterious reasons.

Although it is a bit more hassle, I decided to set up several specialized Twitter accounts after they introduced their new Lists function that Kerim is using. I realized that if I got included in an anthropology list someone had set up, all my tweets would run there, but only some of them are about anthropology, a lot are about money and economy. I also have regional interests in Africa and France. So I decided to create @khartafrica, @khartanthro, @kharteconomy, @khartfrance and @khartmoney. I switched to Seesmic Desktop which is a cool way of running multiple accounts on Twitter, Facebook etc. Now I select the accounts for each tweet, sending out all from my main account @johnkeithhart plus one or more of the others.

You might wonder why I would think all this is worth it. But as soon as I saw the Twitter Lists function, I realized that it would be possible for any of us to set up what I thought of as a realtime online magazine. You can create sections as in a print magazine and then sign up a limitd number of contributors whom you could change from time to time. everyone then becomes a publisher as well as an editor, just as Kerim has now become the Rupert Murdoch of anthropology news. But it doesn't work if you send out everything in any language or on any topic from one centralized account.

Thanks, Kerim, for the tip on the OAC Twitter feeds. We have been discussing ways of improving the service. But we need more bodies and minds on the job since the four of us are quite stretched at present, with three members doing PhDs and me finishing three books at once.
Comment by Trine Olsen-Slagman on January 15, 2010 at 12:14pm
Hi, This realtime anthropology newspaper is going to be interesting to follow and be a part of. For me it means opening a new twitter id based on anthropology, as my tweets at the moment are dominantly in norwegian and often not anthropology related.
I tried to find @openanthcoop, but could not find it. Are u sure the spelling is right?
Comment by Kerim Friedman on January 15, 2010 at 12:14pm
Thanks for highlighting the twitter site!

I checked out the OpenAnthCoop twitter feed, but it reads too much like an RSS feed. I think what would be really valuable would be a more hand-crafted feed which highlights the most interesting conversations and posts on OAC. This would be especially useful for those of us who otherwise don't have much time to check in on what is happening here.


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