“Reflections on Wolf’s Negative Procreative Right: By Choice Childless Couples.”

“Reflections on Wolf’s Negative Procreative Right: By Choice Childl... 

This paper is a supplement to Wolf’s proposal for the institutionalization of Negative Procreative Liberty (NPL, Philosophy and Social Action, 23:1). The author’s arguments are twofold: the author does not subscribe state-sponsored legalization of any social issue (if the basic premise is “withering away of state and family); Wolf missed the point that many people, who opt for zero-child suffer social pressure for reproduction in the Indian context and there are heterogeneous reasons for opting the notion of 'By Choice Childless Couples' by the heterosexuals. The author of this paper argues for the Kowm’s sanction and social determination in the context of free and just society.

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