Roots of The Collective Through Ethnographical Metamorphosis of Thought

Ideology that works is overlooked in many diverse realms and most apparent in the whole of everyday societal regularities in which most have been made accustomed. It seems as though most individuals world-wide have been steam-rolled in to this capitalist form of living without collectivity of thought, it is this thought process or thinking in which leads this blog. Anthropologists, philosophers, scientists, mathematicians, psychologists, ethnographers, architects, geologists, ichthyologists, and anyone who “thinks” on a level of what the future brings should push for utilization of these collaborative thinkers to overcome the many problematic considerations I have read on this website, as it is for these thinkers in who obtain the power in which to do so by simplistic means of thought.

As an avid reader of Platonic thought mostly through that of Socrates, while accompanied reading of that of Hegel and Marx, it would seem the most relevant to the collective would be that of Marx in which with all of the thinkers of our time could prepare for what this futuristic world holds for all of mankind. For those not familiarized with that of Marx I will inject that Marx wanted to restructure society but also metamorphosize society.  One of Marx's famous statements goes something like this: philosophers have tried only to understand the world, whereas the real point is to change it. Thus Marx did not regard his work as philosophical. Marx brings forth a character and dissection of the human social and political stance, but Marx did not himself present this understanding as the absolute and final truth.

As most of you are aware Marx idealistic society consisted of no economic classes, no wages, no money, no private property, no exploitation, while injecting a feeling of solidarity if you will! Individuals in this society would be supplied with suitable material subsistence but significantly “free physical and mental propensities”. Marx also believed alienation (schism) from the whole of society would be that of minimalistic, as with this feeling of solidarity one would assume this theory to be that of the "good".  Contribute to this blog from any real or anthropological view in which you feel may be for the betterment of the collective as a whole and let us see where it leads us my friends!

I look forward to some great responses!

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