It went like a firecracker, 

a real sharp blast,

and before I knew, 

I was up from sleep to behold

the skies, gaping through

the roof of the Boeing.

It was wide open above my head.

I could feel the clouds streaming in.

A quick look ahead,

And I could see the flight panel

And it's array of indicators.

It was like hell broke lose. 

Oxygen masks dropped,

And a flight attendant's voice

Stuttered through the speakers.

The nose of the plane dipped

And the pilot began a rapid controlled descent

from 36,000 feet 

to 11,000 feet altitude.

People dropped,

crew members and passengers

hit their heads on the seats in front of them

and passed out.

Nobody knows how we found 

solid ground.

But when we did, 

we grabbed

and hugged each other -

Everybody was like

We were high school chums.

Would you fly again

If you had an experience like that?

I fly a lot, and this,

is the first time I've had something

like this happen.

As I stood there starring at the wreck

All I had wanted, was just to get home

and hold my kids.

Achirri Ishmael

*Reconstructed from several perspectives. Source: The Associated Press: "Fuselage Hole forces Southwest emergency landing," by Walter Berry and Lien Hoang. Associated PressApril 2, 2011.

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