I've been walking around with this feeling for several days now; this need for something we haven't yet been provided with by facebook.

From the depths of my emotional self there springs a neccesity to make use of a nonexistant facebook- button. After all, we can like and unlike things, but where can we fulfill our impusle to like that somebody else liked what we posted? A like that is a direct reaction to another like? A double-like, if you will?


If we are really to connect with others via facebook, this option is of vital importance. It implies that you not only coldly acknowledge the fact that someone likes a part of us, which is reflected in what we post, but that you are touched by a like, that you likelikelike!

As likes unleash a chain of pleasure, gratitude and enforced liking of the person who delivered it, it's only fair there should be an option to reciprocate.

And as reciprocation is a part of social life, why does it not exist in its virtual counterpart?

Of course, all this doesn't mean I don't like the humble option of just liking. In fact, it would be great if we could apply 'liking' and 'unliking' to our entire lives. Who knows? Perhaps we'll start speaking in only likes and unlikes soon, much like the seagulls in finding nemo, who can only emit the sound "Mine, Mine."

Perhaps living in a world of favourites isn't so childish and we should start making a point of asking people their favourite colour again (and highly disapprove if they reply purple). Perhaps we should play the game of favourites more often and engage in the highly thereapeutic activity of listing one's likes and dislikes.

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