The Myth of Regionalism

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1997.“The Myth of Regionalism” Chakraborty, Dasgupta, Subha ed. Regionality and Comparative Literature. (pp. 77-83). DSA, Department of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University, Kolkata. 

This imagined dialogic ( between Prof. Region and Mr. Non-Region) paper focuses on the construct/ historical apriori of the binary relationship between “regional literature” and “non-regional literature”. Methodologically speaking, the dialogic pattern of the paper has been selected by the author not only to keep balance between argument and counter-arguments but also to follow the convenient logics as followed by Indian and Greek Philosophers. The problem question is: How and why does something X (films, literature, songs, TV. channels etc.) get the status of non-regional transcendental space? The non-discursive formations (mainly socio-economic factors) that codify/ approximate/ appropriate this dividing practice is discussed here with ample examples taken from different texts. The subsumption/hegemonic selving or rarefaction of non-region by region is also discussed in this paper by citing different literary texts. In conclusion, the author proposes to abolish such politico-administrative dividing practice from the epistemological sphere.

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