The Obama administration - global warming is "unequivocal and human-induced"

I am shocked the White House officially recognized global warming. It's appalling that world leaders not ignoring science shocks me.

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Comment by Chris Partridge on June 18, 2009 at 5:31pm
I’m not sure I was able to understand the point of your argument. Is it that that the Obama administration, the U.N., and civil society groups are elitist and they desire to promote global warming so they can amass all the power in the world? I seriously don’t understand. I guess I was mainly confused because your response was very heavy on right-winged rhetoric and very light on substantive scientific/logical argument.

All of your "sources" are from the ultra conservative National Post. I’m not sure if I would cite a periodical infamous for offering unreserved support to Israel during its conflict with Hezbollah in Lebanon during 2006. One of its columnists actually referred to Hezbollah as "cockroaches."

Still, all of that is off topic. I feel it is my obligation to call you out on the environment issue since you seem to have strong feelings that appear to run completely contrary to my own.

Here is some background research on the “source” you feel best supports your argument:

However, you will be happy to know that some Fox News actors support your views:

A few years ago I would have asked you to identify these “climate scientists” “statisticians” and the dubiously titled “other specialists” so I could research your argument. These days I just don’t have the time.

As anthropologists we should support measures designed to reduce pollution. Not because we fear “global warming” or “climate change” but because human-generated pollution (produced mainly by the self-serving elite you identify) kills and sickens the most vulnerable in our world. These victims need help against the destruction of home, health, and habitat. In my opinion one who is truly anti-elite should be pro-environmental protection and anti-pollution regardless of the banner flying over it.
Comment by Philip Carl SALZMAN on June 18, 2009 at 3:59pm
Thank goodness there is a "scientific consensus" and "global warming" is proven and proven to be "caused by humans." Thanks goodness for science. Or is it "junk science"? Check out
or the responses of a thousand other climate scientists, statisticians, and other specialists who prefer evidence-based conclusions to imaginary computer models.

For my part, I am not at all surprised that the Obama administration, the U.N., and "civil society" groups advocate catastrophic, human-generated climate change hysteria, because these organizations have demonstrated that they will use this and every other tool possible to take control of every aspect of people's lives, and monopolize all resoources and all power for their own use. Nothing new there, if you have paid any attention to the lessons of the 20th century. What surprises me is that folks fall for this over and over, each new threat--racial degradation, economic exploitation, the sky is falling--taken as a universal truth that requires all resources and all power to be handed over to a self-serving "elite," and that the unfavoured ones be annihilated. Way cool: "climate change" uber alles.


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