The Periodic Table of World Internet Facts

The periodic table has been produced by Jonathan Gosier, CEO of an African startup in Kampala, Uganda, Appfrica International. It is available as a hi res image or as a poster.

About a quarter of the world's population is currently online. Each block contains a country's name, rank (and sequential order of the chart), place among the top ten fastest growing internet populations, the country code, rank among the countries with the fastest bandwidth speeds and the percentage of its population using the internet.

Top 10 number of users:

China, US, Japan, India, Brazil, Germany, UK, Russia, France, S. Korea.

Top 10 percent of pop:

Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, Luxembourg, S. Korea

Top 10 fastest growing:

China, Japan, India, S. Korea, Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand

Top 10 bandwidth speed:

Japan, S. Korea, France, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Denmark, Portugal, Iceland

It is surely of some interest to the OAC how far our membership reflects and differs from this pattern. It might be an interesting masters project to analyze our global distribution of members. The monthly statistics of visitors to the site can be found under the About tab.

Top 20 OAC visitors in last month:

US (30%), UK (12%), Canada (5%), Germany (5%), France (4%), Portugal (4%), Italy (3%), Turkey (3%), Brazil (3%), India (3%), Australia (2%), Norway (2%), Switzerland (1.5%), Greece (1%), Japan (1%), Poland (1%), Netherlands (1%), Romania (1%), Spain (1%), Belgium (<1%).

Is anyone interested in discussing these facts?

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