With a tip of the hat to designanthro, I  direct your attention to this recording of Debbie Millman's interview with Dori Tunstall. I must say that I do like the voices. The warmth, the sharing, the lack of antagonism are all immensely appealing. The question I confronted when thinking where to put this on OAC is that it could so easily fit in so many places. It touches on so many issues, from the anthropology of consumerism to religion and symbolism, material culture and possible careers for young anthropologists.  I think what I'll do now is post a link to this blog post in several groups, to see if I can draw some attention from lurkers with one or more of these interests. I suggest to our administrators that it might be an interesting feature to add to the site to make it possible for someone starting a blog or forum or even a group discussion thread to cross-post links. I imagine a drop-down list of groups with with check boxes, so that I could, right now, click on groups whose members might be interested in this interview, and have them all receive a message that brought them back to where I am now. Just an idea.


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Comment by Keith Hart on October 12, 2011 at 10:03pm

Hi John. The interview is appealing. When I heard how design was being used, I was reminded of Vico's notion of poesis. They both emphasize making stuff and I wondered what the difference is. Design surely is visual first (French dessiner). Certainly design is everywhere these days, usually with designers claiming the middle ground betwen social people and techies. But you wanted to discuss methods of dissemination.

My first reaction was how long does it take to post the same thing manually to several sites? Presumably you don't just want to speed up the process of doing so marginally, but to encourage people to do this when they post something new and perhaps also to draw readers attention to discussions elsewhere. We would want to discourage mass dissemination to loads of groups; but the idea of fostering cross-linkage is admirable. Let's see if anyone comes up with a new design.

Comment by John McCreery on October 12, 2011 at 4:00pm

Francine, I share your concern. That is why I am thinking of an option that would only appear when a new blog is posted or a new forum or discussion is started and would facilitate being selective. If the privilege were abused, the user would be instantly identified and sanctioned accordingly. 

When I had this brainstorm, I was thinking of who might be interested in this interview. What instantly came to mind was people who had been interested in Daniel Miller's material culture work, Philip Swift's remarks on Japanese monogaku, anthropology of consumerism, etc. 

I was also thinking of the use of push e-mail to maintain interest in Websites, by sharing only a link back to the content in question.

Just brainstorming at this point. Trying to think of ways to pull together the criss-crossing threads that fail to get woven together.

Comment by Francine Barone on October 12, 2011 at 3:19pm

Thanks for sharing this, John.

I think a function for mass-posting the same info to many groups and forums presents a spam risk. How about a dedicated space to share links of general interest to the entire site?

Comment by Logan Sparks on October 12, 2011 at 2:18pm

thank you, john. very interesting indeed.



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