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At 4:24pm on February 12, 2012, Jan Lorenz said…

Thank you Keith!

At 9:27am on February 7, 2012, Frans Prins said…

Thanks Keith

At 10:33am on February 5, 2012, Kamala Kanta Dash said…

Thanks Keith

At 12:00am on February 5, 2012, Maryse Morin said…

Thank you Mr Hart. Sorry for the email chill. As for the Web site, it is regularly being updated as I have just began organizing its content ;)

It is a pleasure to join the Group !

Best regards,

Maryse M.

from Montreal (Qc)

At 10:46am on February 3, 2012, Sahra Cecilie Hassan said…

Thanks Keith:)

At 10:06am on February 3, 2012, amouria susu said…

Thanks a lot. May I request a bit of help? I am doing some 'Foucauldian' analysis on the production of knowledge about Arabs in France. I want to explore how European ethnography contributed in the production of  Algerians and Tunisian as 'Others'.  Any literature in this regard?  will be most grateful! 


At 5:12pm on February 1, 2012, Pafsanias K. said…

Hello Keith, thanks for accepting my request to join the open community. However, dont you think that calling me in public with my last name, which, for my reasons chose not to put in this account yet was not a gesture towards a new member of the open community?

At 6:34pm on January 31, 2012, Bulbul Siddiqi said…

Thanks a lot Keith Hart

At 3:26pm on January 31, 2012, Antonio Joao Saraiva said…

Thank you you for the message

At 11:16pm on January 30, 2012, Alexa Lucera said…
Thank you for the welcome! I look forward to exploring this site.
At 3:39pm on January 30, 2012, Dianne Riddles said…

Thank you for the welcome. I will be back soon to really spend some quality time looking around. Thanks again.

At 11:06am on January 29, 2012, David Bholat said…

Thanks Keith. Great website.

At 7:34am on January 28, 2012, Herbert S. Lewis said…

Thanks, Keith --  Looks very promising. And that's a lovely photo,  too.

Be well,


At 3:08am on January 28, 2012, SANJAY KUMAR MISHRA said…

Hi Keith,

How can I chat with Stacy?

At 3:06am on January 28, 2012, SANJAY KUMAR MISHRA said…

Hi Keith,

Nice to know you. Can I chat with my old friend, Chelsea Booth?

At 1:24pm on January 27, 2012, Inge Kriel said…


Thank you for the warm welcome and this great initiative.

I was also very happy to learn the good news from John yesterday!

Looking forward to seeing you soon.


At 12:06pm on January 26, 2012, flavia elena malusardi said…

Hi Keith! thank you for the kind welcome!


At 12:48am on January 26, 2012, Timothy Long said…

Hi Keith, 

Thank you for the warm welcome!


At 6:48pm on January 23, 2012, Katie Sayers said…

Hi Keith,

Thank you! I'm the social media manager as SAGE so I'm really interested in looking at how publishers can support academic communities. I've got a few ideas so I'll send you a direct message and perhaps we can have a chat from there?


At 2:10pm on January 22, 2012, Michael Murphy said…

Hello Keith,

yes there are a lot of Murphy's from neck of the woods-liverpool. I'm researching for my PhD proposal that I'm hoping to start this year-A Cosmopolitan Self: Finding a Cosmopolitan in the imagination of an Other. Really centers on the most perplexing aspect of the voluminous debate that surrounds the subject of cosmopolitanism is a definite lack of cosmopolitanism.Non-western traditions have a different heritage of epistemology, ontology and method of inquiry. These foundations have generated self contained conclusions on the nature of humanity, its relationship not only amongst itself, but also to other inhabitants of the planet as well as to the planet itself. Therefore, are we correct in privileging western political-theoretic formulations of cosmopolitanism as the only theoretically self sufficient option?  .

I can across the site through the blog/comment on the Beck work on religion. I followed your link to the paper by Wardle, 'cosmopolitics and commonsense'. Really interesting piece. I think that Wardle passes over Kant's onto-theology and its implications a little too quickly, however, it was thought provoking.

I look forward to exploring the site.

And yes I do like the moniker




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